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Entry #3

Im leaving animax "team"

2008-06-15 19:23:23 by elpollopicu

yo!! Probably u dont even know but thers a "team" called Animax team". I've been there for a while now and its like.. wtf? Nobody knows each other.. thers bad comunication and on top of that the org its just a mess. The "leader" has no atributes that resembles one, and the rest are just like.. w/e.. yeah we are a team.. bla bla bla. So for me .. its not even a team.. its just a group of ppl that really have nothing to do and just want a "status" like.. hey im X and im from X team. U know.. and that just sucks.

Im not joinin' any teams. imma stay alone for a while and if someone wants to team up with me then pm me or something, but if u reallyyyyyy have the motivation to do something.. not possers plz.

And thats it XD. have a nice day and tomorow its animax" aniversary.. so this is my gift to them :) im out.


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2008-06-22 22:09:54

Nice job dude!! Leave that fucking place, haha fuck the middle man and handle your own animations seriously!

Acho tus animaciones estan bien fucking locas, que carajo tu fumas pa hacer super pancho? jaja

elpollopicu responds:

ha mano thankx for the comment pero no me meto nah! no bebo ni fumo ni drogas ni na q ver XD . lets just say im "crazY" o high on life. XD.


2008-06-23 20:29:04

el pollo fuma pasto!


2008-07-01 06:21:04

Bueno de echo si hay comunicacion en el equipo, y todos conocen a todos, yo si hablava con todos del equipo, y porfavor, no te quejes de la comunicacion, porque cuando te hablaba, te desconectabas misteriosamente o no respondias. No vengo a flamear, solo digo que algunas de tus teorias son incorrectas, y la verdad, Jorge si es un buen lider, creolo o no, si lo es. Por cierto, no digo que te odio o algo, haces buena musica y creo que tienes futuro en eso.

Es todo

PD: sigues usando el icono de pollo que te hice.