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Im leaving animax "team"

2008-06-15 19:23:23 by elpollopicu

yo!! Probably u dont even know but thers a "team" called Animax team". I've been there for a while now and its like.. wtf? Nobody knows each other.. thers bad comunication and on top of that the org its just a mess. The "leader" has no atributes that resembles one, and the rest are just like.. w/e.. yeah we are a team.. bla bla bla. So for me .. its not even a team.. its just a group of ppl that really have nothing to do and just want a "status" like.. hey im X and im from X team. U know.. and that just sucks.

Im not joinin' any teams. imma stay alone for a while and if someone wants to team up with me then pm me or something, but if u reallyyyyyy have the motivation to do something.. not possers plz.

And thats it XD. have a nice day and tomorow its animax" aniversary.. so this is my gift to them :) im out.

Me? Join? BLeh!! :P

2007-11-28 00:36:20 by elpollopicu

Today i joined the AnimaX Team. So .. yeah. thats it ! :P Ill Upload some new material this week so.. stay Tuned :P Lv u all!

Where is my team?

2007-11-25 14:12:20 by elpollopicu

im looking for ppl interested in my work, if u have the time to share ur ideas and combine them with mine in order to create some unique animations... well let me know :P.